How to Apply Makeup Powder


Powder is essential to help set your foundation and provide a grease-free surface for the rest of your makeup. It gives a natural finish to your skin and helps stop an oily shine from developing.
Using Makeup Powder
There are two types of powder:
Loose powder provides a translucent, natural looking matte finish. It is more successful at setting foundation, and keeps the colour of powder eye shadows and blushes strong.
Compressed Powder is best used for touchups during the day. Because it contains a binding agent, pressed powder goes on heavier than loose. It also has a tendency to streak.
Choose a powder that matches your natural skin tone or, to add a warmer glow, pick one that is pink or peach tinted. With pressed powder, you may want to choose a shade that is lighter than your skin tone to compensate for any colour build up.
Applying Powder

  1. For loose powder you should use a large soft makeup brush to dust it on all over your face, including the eyelids.
  2. Shake or tissue off the excess by using the brush to stroke downwards.
  3. Then brush the powder evenly over your face in downward strokes in the direction your facial hair grows in order to get the most even application.
  4. Be sure and remove any loose powder around the brows and the jaw and neck.
    TIP: When applying powder and/or blush, make sure to apply with a brush for proper application. Always blend up and outward for a natural look. If blush is too much color for you, try a shimmery bronzer!

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